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Facilities of the canned tomato industry in Extremadura

Tomato processing plant/ Canned vegetables industry in Extremadura

In Tomalia we have a fully updated technology with one of the most modern plants in the sector in terms of transformation and control of the production process of the tomato. Our machinery allows preserving the natural characteristics of the product, even after the production process, and achieved comercial sterilization preserving the main benefits of the tomato: the smell, the taste and the color, all of it.

Two tomato paste lines concentrado

We have a total processing capacity of 2,750 tons of fresh tomatoes per day.
One of the lines has a sterilization direct system of steam ijection and rapid cooling called Flash Cooler which keeps the better organoleptic characteristics of the natural product because of lower aggressiveness of this system. This got a sterilized product but with better taste,color,smell…


Tomato cubes and chopped tomato line

It is one of the largest automated lines in Europe with a production capacity of 16,000kg of finished product per hour.


Sauces line

It is characterized by being very versatile and allow to develop a wide range of products (including aseptic format).



In response to the demands of an increasingly demanding market in Tomalia we have a fully equipped modern laboratory for quality control monitoring of products and processes.

It is the place to analyze the product in each of the phases of transformation: from the collection of raw materials to the manufacturing process and packaging materials. It also controls the water used in its processes, waste water and the finished product.