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The preparation of tomato that is elaborated in Tomalia is completely natural. We do take care of the raw material, therefore, use extra virgin olive oil for our final product.

The chopped tomato, natural or sauce is indispensable element in any kitchen and table. The antioxidant power of this tasty vegetable, versatility in use and flavor obtained are evidence of their quality.
·Homefried tomatoes
Homefried tomatoes

Prepared with chopped tomato, well selected onions, also collected in the área, and the best extra virgin olive oil of the región.
Selected tomatoes produces a high quality Tomalia tomato sauce. It takes 160 grams of fresh tomatoes to produce 100 grams of this product without preservatives or colorings.
It is characterized by its craftsmanship. Its flavor and texture are ideal as an accompaniment to all meats, potatoes, rice, pasta and fish

·Tomato pulp
Tomato pulp

From the Vegas del Guadiana reach these tomatoes, selected mature, perfect for making tomato puree highest quality. They need 200 grams of this plant to produce 100 grams of product. It is ideal for soups, sauces and pizza accompaniment, rice, pasta, fish and meat.

·Chopped tomatoes
Chopped tomatoes

Tomalia packages its product in high quality formats. Crushed and cutted, this tomato preserves the original features, as demanded by the client and appreciated in the most demanding kitchens.

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