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Tomalia is a company which think that the production process of one of the most consumed vegetables in the world should have the best facilities. The goal is to keep intact the organoleptic qualities of the plant, so as not to lose the properties of one of the most healthy and tasty vegetables.

Since the beginning of our canned tomato corporative we tried the product quality and the producction process as a necessity. We count among our partners with experienced tomato growers for more than 40 years. Such knowledge let us appreciate this excepcional fruit that is essential in a balanced diet as well as its pleasant taste and attractive color carries many beneficial elements health food supplement, purifying and anti-cancer.

In Tomalia select the best ripe tomatoes of the Vegas Altas del Guadiana River to develop our canned tomato sauces without additives under the brand Tomalia, Preserves and Guadiala Naturalia a tasty accompaniment or base of your best dishes.


The preparation of tomato that is elaborated in Tomalia is completely natural. We do take care of the raw material, therefore, use extra virgin olive oil for our final product.

The chopped tomato, natural or sauce is indispensable element in any kitchen and table. The antioxidant power of this tasty vegetable, versatility in use and flavor obtained are evidence of their quality. more Info



Much of the raw material is collected for Tomalia is engaged in industrial format products, concentrates and tomato cubes, which are used for secondary processing industry for the preparation of fried foods, soups, juices and a wide range of sauces.

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