Transformación del tomate | Industria conservera de tomate Extremadura | TOMALIA S.C.U.G



If anything characterizes the production process is how carefully Tomalia manipulate the raw material. Our farmers are the owners of the industry and at the same time, they truly know that the best final product comes only from a good tomato.

Tomalia assures the good and respectful practices with the environment and watch food safety during the whole process. Our Quality department controls and supervises the whole process in one of the most modern laboratories of the processing tomato sector.


From Tomalia we also assure that the farmers bring the fresh tomatoes to our facilities in the best conditions of ripeness, growing, harvesting and transport. The agricultural department and quality technicians work side by side to get the best possible quality but most important, to get it in a safe and continuous way.

Once the fresh tomatoes arrive to our factory in Extremadura, delivered by trucks, the product is washed with treated and potable water which is treated in our own industry before of the handling and processing in the different lines.

During the whole tomato processing the analysis and tests are constant all over the different parts of the process, maximizing as much as we can the hygienic preventive measures in order to keep all the organoleptic qualities original from this highly appreciated fruit.